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Around the Farm

It’s been a bit quiet here, on the Plastic Pumpkin farm blog,  as we’ve been busy with visitors and trying to get a bit more done before the snow flies. Wonderful progress has been made:

Sanchez is no longer (knock on wood) escaping thanks to the electric fence struggling_along put up. This took a horrendous 11 hour day with struggling_along putting up insulators and string wire while I, mossy_stone, had to keep a curious Sanchez from following along behind struggling_along  chewing on and ruining the fencing. Quite the day…..

Our.Wasted.Youth. Crew is always ready to lend a hand. And that makes this mama very grateful- especially when a sleeping baby in a wrap makes it difficult to do a lot of bending over. Thanks to Noah and Ezra the garlic is in the ground!

Ishmael-taking the world in.


The barn! Here the beam is up and the post is in place.

A lot has been happening- as you can see in the next two photos:

      And before I go- the promised photos of the bonfire.

One brush pile down.


Herman Cain Punked Republicans

in from the bonfire (pics to come)

oh this makes me so giddy and yet so scared about the state of the sheeple… your fellow americans. I mean, he still leads or is tied with Romney in 4 outta 6 mainstream polls – Jeepers. Scary.

ok you had your laugh, now go register republicAn so you can vote for Ron Paul in the primary (dont worry dad, you can still vote for obAma in the general election… just help Ron Paul get on the ballot =)

Halloween Snow

Like many in  the Northeast we got an early snow. Just in time for Halloween! We didn’t get a lot -thanks to being on the coast- just enough to play in and of course get in a few rides on the sled.

The animals didn’t seem to mind. They’ve already grown thick winter coats. The bunnies however don’t change their coats like hares do. They did seem a little surprised that the boys could find them so easily. Suddenly huddling against the side hill just wasn’t working. Well, except for the white rabbit. I think he rather likes the change.

As much as Mr. Rabbit likes the snow we’re still glad it’s not here to stay.

We have lots of projects we’d like to get a bit more done on before winter sets in for good. And I’d like just a bit more time before the hose is frozen and we need to bundle up everyone to get chores done.


Mending Fences or Why You Need a Cordless Screwdriver


In Maine, it’s a season that comes twice a year;  it’s here, ruining the integrity of our fences.  All’s well until a sudden noise, a glimpse through a window or sometimes the ferocity of the neighbor’s dog barking reveals that “pigs out!” or “the goats are out!”. This usually happens at the most inopportune time. Then chaos ensues: “Quick! out of the tub- get your clothes on”, “where’s my wrap/shoes/keys?”, “do we have any slops?”, “turn the stove off”, “where’s the screwdriver?” “hurry before they’re in the road”! And we’re off.

If we’re lucky the escapees will follow us back into their pens and with a few screws and a new board or two everyone is contained once again. On not so lucky days….well I’ll just say there’s a road right close, our neighbor has a driveway pigs LOVE and if a several hundred pound pig doesn’t want to do something there’s really no making it.

Either way there’s one essential tool:

A Girl's Best Friend

The cordless screwdriver.

Ok, there are two essentials: the cordless screwdriver and a baby wrap. Ever try holding a baby while screwing a board in place?

I got struggling_along a set of cordless tools one December. I admit it seemed like more of a novelty than a necessity at the time. But now? I want my own set. I can’t count the number of times I’ve need the screwdriver whether for fences or for fixing something in the house. The cordless circular saw and the flashlight- so handy. I even had to assist a goat giving birth by the light of that flashlight one cold, pitch dark 1 AM morning.

Sure people got by without cordless power tools for a LONG time and on the occasions struggling_along has taken off with the screwdriver in his truck I have managed to get by with the ol’ hammer and nails. But the cordless screwdriver reigns superior. It’s easier, faster and more effective.

The fact is: this is the 5th day in a row it’s saved the day and many hours of frustration.


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Pigs Love Apples

On the side of just about every road are heavily laden apple trees. The trick is to find a tree with eating apples, not crab apples. Pigs will eat any apple but my helpers are requesting apple pies and crisps and slices with peanut butter.

Mossy Stone Picks Apples (photo by Noah)
Picking Apples

I pick some apples for us while my willing helpers pick up ground apples for the pigs (and take turns with the camera- Thanks Noah!).

We split up the bounty and give everyone a taste.

Oh Wilson

 Pigs Love Apples.


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@ the Beach Oct. 2011


@ the Beach Oct. 2011, a set on Flickr.

What is the best way for you to leave feedback/comments re: our posts and pictures?

This blog idea is very, very new. mossy_stone and I started this site as a convenient way to share messages and photos with primarily friends and family. It was also born out of our historical reluctance to engage in conventional correspondence.

Thank you for all the site visits. We’ve posted 9 times in 6 days (struggling_along has to go work offshore on the salmon farm so his internet access is limited).  In those 6 days, we’ve gotten 170 views, 2 subscribers, and NO comments.

Feedback is very important to any communication medium. We do not spend long hours uploading photos and playing with html for our health. Many, MANY times relatives have implored us to send them pictures of the boys. So what do YOU want to see posted here? Do you have any tips or suggestions for us newbies? What would make it easier to respond to and interact with

Also, mossy_stone has a few new posts up over at

Nice photographs in On the Needles @ the Beach.


Meet the Herd

Plastic Pumpkin Farm’s herd of Oberhasli goats.

Manson, our buck

Tex, sired by Manson, first kid born on Plastic Pumpkin Farm, 2nd buck

Sugar Magnolia aka Maggie with Surprise Newborn Doeling

Rita,yearling doe

Eleanor aka Ellie, yearling doe

Baby Girl aka Garcia. Born 7/02/11 to Maggie

mossy_stone now contributing. 1st post=some more photos

Here are some photos struggling and I took the other day while we were gathering leaves and plants for identification with Our.Wasted.Youth.Crew. As the first editor of struggling_along’s Plastic Pumpkin Farm blog, I will be posting updates about me and the kids as often as I can.

Enjoy and thanks for checking in!

-mossy_stone (Ma)

We "inherited" some UGLY chickens in a rehoming venture. Their feathers are back and they're now happy free-range chickens at our homestead, Plastic Pumpkin Farm.

We headed into the woods.....with Chicken Crew in tow.

Struggling Papa checking out the forest floor. This time of year for fungi.

Spiderman, Spiderman.......

Ishmael takes a nap in his wrap. If you have a baby you NEED a wrap!

Ezra is always on the lookout for fungus, flowers, berries and of course sticks!

“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”